The Teacher

Foreign Languages

José Geraldo

José Geraldo teaches individual classes of Practice of Conversation of English, Arabic and Portuguese, as foreign languages, for executives and professionals. He earned degree from Faculty of Letters in the languages Portuguese and English, and in some postgraduate courses, and also he has attended several advanced specialization courses in English teaching methodologies in the United States and in England.

A descendant of Lebanese immigrants, José Geraldo learned at a very early age to deal with the challenge of the communication barrier and of the fluency in a foreign language. In the childhood, experienced the natural “mixing” of the idioms Portuguese and Lebanese in the family environment, and, later, developed his crescent interest in the studies of English, French, Latin and Spanish, still in the high school times. Then, his opting for the area of Languages was a natural consequence. His family name ‘Araújo’, a simplified adaptation of his Lebanese grandfather’s surname درويش الأسمر ‘Darwish al-Asmar’, was adopted when his grandfather emigrated from Lebanon to Brazil. Changes and adaptations of foreign names were formerly quite common.

Besides long English teaching experience in language laboratories, Faculty of Letters and as an independent teacher, José Geraldo also acquired extensive international background through multinational companies where he performed executive positions. The intense practice exercised with the use of the English language in real situations of the managerial universe, and several trips to the United States for work, training and specializations, contributed in a lot to his research process and development of business communication programs in the English language. José Geraldo also teaches Portuguese and Arabic to foreigners by making use of the same methodology which he perfected for the teaching of the English language.

He has been taking trips of studies and researches in the U.S., Europe and Lebanon (Middle East). In England, he attended an advanced specialization course for teaching English as a foreign language. He also visited other countries in Europe for cultural purposes and linguistic studies. In Lebanon, he strengthened contact with Lebanese relatives, and also acquired research material for the study of Lebanese, Standard Arabic, and of Arab culture. He has also developed several programs for Arabic teaching, besides translating literary texts by Lebanese and Arab authors.